A Thursday Out of the Ordinary

As a traveler I’ve learnt that you never know what the next day will bring, and my point was certainly proved a particular thursday night at my hostel in Bariloche.


Bariloche was as usual: crowded with chocolate and ice cream-eating people, wannabe-Balto dogs were posing for pictures at the plaza, and sporty backpackers jogged up the hills instead of taking the ski-lift like the rest of us. After spending yet another day trying to neglect all the fun things to do in favour of my thesis, it was finally time to put away the books.


While the volcanic ash covered up the breath-taking view of the lake, we were getting ready for the event of the night: an engagement fiesta in the honor of the hostel’s owner and his soon-to-be-bride. All the backpackers in the hostel were invited, and we gathered in the living room to celebrate the happy couple.


At first the bride seemed to be pretty shy and hid away with her fiancé in the other room, while the rest of us were busy trying to keep down the Fernet and Isenbecks by covering up the taste with finger food. However, we were soon interrupted when a big announcement was made. Apparently an Argentinian “tradition” was that the bride-to-be, Denise, had to make a dance in front of an audience, us, and the braver the dance was, the better the marriage was going to be.


Obviously Denise was dreaming of the perfect marriage, cause her shyness disappeared quicker than her clothes were about to. Soon she was standing in front of us all wearing nothing but a hat, jacket and some lingerie that definitely wasn’t put on for the sake of her own comfort. Being her own DJ she had carefully chosen a (very long) playlist that started with “You can leave your hat on”, and the show was on. However, watching the shocked facial expressions of my fellow-travelers was probably the best entertainment of the night.


To avoid offending anyone I’ll leave the rest of the details out, but if it’s true that the bolder the dance is, the better the marriage will be, then I can guarantee that Denise and her fiancé are having some amazing years ahead. If the first dance didn’t fix that, then the 4 next ones definitely did!


I guess  just never know what will happen next. Even if it just seems to be just another thursday night…!

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